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Chocolate is fascinating, and developing chocolate products is an incredibly exciting, creative and yet complex process. At Confiserie Heidel, this involves many employees, mainly chocolate experts (chocolatiers), production specialists and buyers, but also product and graphic designers, who create Heidel’s unique packaging ideas and eye-catching product designs.

Annual Products

A gift of sweet delight for every occasion – that is our promise to you. See our variety and quality for yourself.

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Valentine’s Day & Mother’s Day

Here you will find the perfect gift for your loved ones! When we develop our gifts for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, we always focus on what’s special.

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Heidel has a special selection for those who want to give their loved ones an Easter treat: whether retro style or fun and playful - our exciting Easter range is full of spring-fresh colours and designs!

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Christmas & New Year’s Eve

Our Christmas range combines fresh gift ideas, old-fashioned charm and delicious milk chocolate. Christmas cheer is guaranteed.

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Our catalogues provide up-to-date product range information for our business customers.

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Your questions, our answers – the Heidel FAQ

Every day, customers send us questions about Heidel products and how we make our chocolate.
We have compiled the most frequently asked questions (and our answers to them) for you in our FAQ.
If you do not find the answer to your question here, please feel free to call us (+49 541 9181-21)
or you can email us via ourcontact form.

We look forward to your questions and feedback.

How do I store chocolate correctly?

It is best to store chocolate in a cool and dry place. The temperature should be constant, between 14°C and 18°C.

Why has a white film formed on the chocolate surface?

This white-grey discolouration is called “fat bloom” and is caused by the cocoa butter escaping from the cocoa mass. This happens when chocolate is kept too warm for a long time. If the chocolate is exposed to significantly higher temperatures, this kind of bloom can develop rapidly. The fat crystallisation does not affect the taste, however. It only affects the chocolate’s appearance. We check the chocolate and store it properly until it leaves our factory. Our customers, mainly food retailers, are then responsible for storing the chocolate appropriately.

Do you host factory tours?

We are an IFS (International Food Standard) certified company and make chocolate to the highest hygienic standards. To maintain our standards, we do not offer guided tours through our plant.

Does Heidel have an online shop?

At present, we don’t have our own online shop. However, you can purchase many of our products via marketplaces such

Does Heidel give away free products, chocolate or samples?

We receive far more requests than we can handle. Therefore, in the interests of equal customer treatment, we do not send out any free products,

Does Heidel send free promotional items?

nor do we send out promotional items such as pens, stickers, etc.

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