What makes the special quality of the Heidel products so outstanding?

For our chocolates we mainly choose high quality cocoa from the best growing areas in the world.During production the chocolate ingredients are grinded very fine. This way optimal exploitation of the full aroma is realized. In connection with the high quantity of cocoa we achieve the strong cocoa flavour.

The wonderful smooth melt of our chocolate develops during the conching process. The exact time and correct intensitivity of the conching, according to the recipe is the key to the desired taste. A too long chonching time will lead to loss of many aromatic essences, whereas a too short conching time will not let the melt develop and affect the quality of our chocolate.

Great care at every work stage and precise product controls are the principle of our production. Fresh production and regular inspection of freshness are no question for us.

Top quality does not only depend on knowledge, experience and out standing production techniques, but also on a high amount of creativity. Who doesn‘t want to preserve proven tradition while introducing innovation? It is our desire to be creative with chocolate, from the recipe to the package. For this reason the overall creative product idea is our central quality feature.

Internation food standards

Our quality standards are continuously improved and are certified according to IFS and BRC.